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We are proud of you and thank you for your service. It would be our honor for you as a first responder to choose Lakeside Village as your home.

OUR FIRST RESPONDERS DISCOUNT is offered for a limited time and may be discontinued without notice: 

Reduction of monthly rent rate by $50 only not including security, per unit (not per person should there be 2 first responders living together)
For a limited time the application fee will be reduced from $250 per person to $195 per person at Lakeside Village for our valued FIRST RESPONDER applicants

This offer may not be combined with any other discount per unit, including realtor commission should a first responder also hold a valid Florida real estate license.


Be sure to check the box for Inquirying as a First Responder on the Contact Form

Must be currently

Active Duty First Responders

including Police, Fire-Rescue, EMTs and Paramedics as per background check

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